Carephone GPS SOS Tracker

The Carephone GPS SOS Tracker is an incredibly easy to use and compact emergency alarm and GPS tracker, perfect for keeping track of elderly relatives, children or pets who might wander off where they shouldn't. You can programme up to 3 emergency SOS numbers into the Carephone Tracker, and can take a SIM card from any network. If the wearer has an emergency, pressing the SOS button will send a text message to all programmed SOS numbers with a link so you can see where it was when the button was pressed. 

Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0

Who would have thought one of the most natural things in the world could be so difficult? People often assume making a baby will be the fun - I mean all those early nights, great right? However, for many couples it can quickly become a stressful, never ending cycle of apps, thermometers, vitamins, counting days and peeing on sticks. To top it off: the stress of it all can render your hard work null and void.

Tile Pro Combo Pack

I like to think I’m a pretty chilled person, it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers but there are three things that will immediately send me into an instant melt down, traffic jams, when the computer/phone/app freeze or crashes for no reason and when I lose my stuff, sadly the last happens way too often as I never pay attention to where I put my stuff down. The Tile is a stylish little…well…tile that can be attached to your bag, purse, keys or whatever to help you find them when your brain turns against you and refuses to remember.

Spire Stone

Many people (more than you probably realise) face a daily battle with anxiety and stress. The Spire Stone aims to take some of the pressure off by syncing up your mind and body by measuring your breath throughout the day and alerting you to sudden changes (like if you stop breathing?)

Pod 3 GPS Tracker

It is estimated that 1 in 10 dog owners have experience of their dog going missing, either from running away or being stolen, throw cats into the mix and it has been estimated that over 500,000 cats and dogs go missing every year in the UK alone. With microchipping there is more of a chance of being reunited with your fur baby but that’s only if someone finds them and gets them scanned, the Pod 3 GPS tracker is a great way of seeing where our pets are at all times.


I can look back and laugh now about how ridiculous my partner and I were the first time our cat didn’t come home when called. We have two boys who have always been reliable at coming home when we whistle, but on the day that is now known as No Finley Friday I remember me, my partner and the other cat running up and down the road trying to locate the fourth member of our little family. Four hours later, of course, he strolled in like nothing had happened, much to our frustration and relief.