Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Pro and Vibrating Peanut Ball

When using a foam roller it can seem like your worst enemy; the uncomfortable sensation of pushing into tight and tired muscles can be hard to bear at times, but these things are really your best friends, allowing you to massage all your muscles and speeding up healing and recovery. The Pulseroll foam rollers take things up a notch by adding vibrations to help loosen muscles, flush away lactic acid and increase blood flow.

Nuheara IQbuds Boost Intelligent Wireless Earbuds

The IQbud Boost from Nuheara aren’t your regular wireless earbuds; these things care about your hearing and can personalise the sound to your specific needs, thanks to the included Ear ID, a clinical-grade hearing assessment that automatically calibrates the earbuds to your unique hearing profile. If you already have a degree of hearing loss, these earbuds help you get the best out of your audio by using intelligent amplification to suppress the background noise and boost your hearing which is customisable to different environments.

Master and Dynamic MW07

The MW07 from Master and Dynamic come in seven stand-out designs: Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue Matte, Grey Terrazzo, Matte Black, White Marble, Piano Black and Pink Coral, all models are handcrafted with acetate, giving a glossy and durable finish whilst keeping the weight down to just 9g per earbud. The ear buds have a D-shaped outer casing and come with a range of ear tips for a precise fit, including the silicone Fit-Wings in two detachable sizes, which help to hold the earbuds in place whilst moving around more vigorously, running for example.

Lowepro Photo Active BP 200

The Lowepro Photo Active BP 200 is a purpose-built camera bag designed to protect your valuable camera gear from impact, abrasion, moisture and the general dangers of travelling. Available in a black/dark grey design, this lightweight bag weighs up at 1.22kg when empty. Measuring up at 26.5 x 16 x 44.5 cm it has a 16L capacity which includes a 22 x 11 x 27 cm camera compartment and 23.5 x 1.5 x 34 cm laptop compartment.

World of Laser X

Who doesn’t love lasers? If you grew up in the 80s and 90s (or the 50s and 60s, for that matter), you grew up with laser fights seeming like they were going to be a key feature of life. Of course, in Laser Tag, they are, as a painless answer to paintball that’s way more sci-fi – and that, with toys like these, can be played at home!


Cameras are constantly pushing photograph quality to new heights, but lately, the real focus for competition is video quality. With video now as commonly shared as stills, social media and online advertising have meant a coming-together of professional photography and videography, and cameras have been keeping up with industry demand. The Totem is part of the new ION line of cameras by SJCAM.


From surveillance right down to stocking fillers, everyone’s using drones! The Tello combines functionality and useful features with pure showmanship in an attempt to make the ultimate drone that’s both tool and toy. Trick stunts, VR capabilities and lessons in coding, the Tello offers an awful lot in a very small package.


Teenage Engineering OP-Z

The OP–Z by Teenage Engineering is a fully portable 16-track sequencer and synthesizer that allows you to sequence on the move – not only music, but lights and visuals as well. This synthesizer is packed full of functions into a small, easily portable and well-designed device. It has a retro look that is playful and slightly sci-fi, with four colour-coded dials that allow you to control pretty much everything and an LED interface that provides feedback as you mix.

Optoma UHD300X 4K Ultra HD projector

As cinema continues to become more and more spectacular, home entertainment systems battle each other to offer the most stunning and immersive experience of that glory from your sofa. Of course, every time they raise the bar, cinema has to push itself again to convince people to pay for seats and not just stream at home. On and on it goes, and Optoma has brought out a projector to compete in this race.

Leki Micro Vario Carbon Strong Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are one of those things that after you use them the once you probably won’t go back, not only do they give you extra balance on uneven terrain, they help you get into a good walking rhythm, reduce impact on your joints and make you look like an outdoor pro when you use them to point things out. The Micro Vario Carbon Strong Trekking Poles from Leki have a great strength to weight ratio thanks to the 100% carbon fibre and HTS 6.5 aluminium bottom section construction, they are well suited for taller users and ski/snowshoe touring use.