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Who would have thought one of the most natural things in the world could be so difficult? People often assume making a baby will be the fun - I mean all those early nights, great right? However, for many couples it can quickly become a stressful, never ending cycle of apps, thermometers, vitamins, counting days and peeing on sticks. To top it off: the stress of it all can render your hard work null and void.

myHummy Sophie

It’s obvious that new parents are in for some serious life adjustments when a new baby comes along but it is also a huge adjustment for baby too, imagine spending nine months falling asleep to the same sounds, light and temperature conditions and then being expected to sleep in a totally different atmosphere, I don’t even like switching sides of the bed. Little Sophie from myHummy is here to help ease baby through this transition by using white and pink noises to help soothe and comfort baby into sleep.

Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier

Kokadi was founded in 2010 when Ceyda Temur failed to find a babywearing company that had the modern designs that she was looking for, the company now produces a wide range of both baby carriers and wraps in a variety of different patterns. The Flip is the original baby carrier from Kokadi and comes in a whopping 60 different patterns, ensuring there is something for everyone. The Flip has been created so that it can be worn on both the chest and back and features an easy to slip on design.

Ewan the Dream Sheep Deluxe Grey Bundle with Baa Baa Blankie

Babies only have two jobs to focus on: eating and sleeping, but for some reason they act like these are the most demanding of chores in the world and go through stages of trying to avoid them at all costs (there is literally nothing I enjoy more as an adult). Enter Ewan the Dream Sheep! OK so you are on your own with the feeding thing, but you will certainly be able to handle that better after a good night’s sleep and that is Ewan’s speciality.

Elvie Trainer

A weakened pelvic floor doesn’t have to be something you need to put up with as you get older or after giving birth. 1 in 3 women, and up to 80% of expectant and new mums experience pelvic floor issues but this doesn’t mean this is something you have to live with forever. Yes, those muscles will become weaker with age, during and after pregnancy but like any muscle it can strengthened through the right kind of exercise.

Elvie Pump

The Elvie Pump is the world’s first silent wearable breast pump, with the aim ofi providing mums with the freedom to discreetly pump wherever and whenever they like. The pump comes in a choice of single or double but with the double costing you just shy of £449 it is probably best to test out the single first before committing to two. The single kit comes with one Hub, two bottles (5oz/150ml, BPA free), a 24mm breast shield and a 28mm breast shield, two valves, two spouts, two seals, two storage lids, two bra adjusters, USB charging and a carry bag.


Although toddlers are considered small when compared to say a baby elephant, if you end up having to carry one when their legs inexplicably stop working it can be hard to believe they don’t in fact weigh the same as a baby elephant. Switching a child between piggy backs, riding your shoulders and balancing on your hips is enough to make you feel like you are performing a workout whilst traditional child carriers can be bulky, hot and difficult to load and unload your child into.


Shabs’s first taste of motherhood included an emergency caesarean, struggling with the inability to breastfeed and developing postnatal depression, topped off with the issues of leaving the flat carrying a baby, pushchair and bags down the stairs with her caesarean stitches, she decided to take things into her own hands by fashioning her very own baby wrap. Shabs believes this helped her to finally feel the bond that she didn’t realise she was lacking due the trauma of the first few weeks, and the combination of skin-to-skin contact and seeing her baby asl

Solly Baby Carrier

The first Solly Baby wrap was created in 2011 when Elle Rowley took to making her own wrap after the birth of her second child, Solomon. This is where the name Solly Baby comes from. She found existing carriers painful and unattractive, and wanted to create something comfortable and stylish to wear. Solly Baby believes closeness is what matters, and that the power of touch provides a strength and comfort whilst encouraging bonding by experiencing life together.

Piggyback Rider SCOUT Toddler Carrier

My nephew is a stereotypical five year old. His mum and I were participating in a firewalk (yes, we are badass, but let’s try to focus on the child carrier here). He was excited to watch his mummy burn the dead skin off her feet, but when it came to making the 20 minute trip from their house to the event, he decided his legs didn’t work. The Piggyback Rider SCOUT toddler carrier could have been just the thing needed at that moment.